The Elders Curse

After three years of working as stagehands for a theater company, Amantius and Ulam, accompanied by an Elven actress named Nilawen, travel westward to a desolate land known as the Ashlands of the Alakuum. After surviving the oppressive heat and treacherous ash storms, they arrive in the city of Yawan, where two desert-dwelling races forgotten by the outside world have lived in isolation for centuries.After a routine errand ends in an ambush, the party finds themselves in the lair of a legendary beast who enlists their help in breaking a centuries-old curse afflicting one of her own.Can Amantius and Ulam succeed where countless others have failed, or will they be lost to the Ashlands of the Alakuum forever?

Book Details

Book Title: The Elders Curse

Book Author: Andrew Walbrown

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1736742205