The Gunman: Wastelander

“The world is a broken place. Rain is a rarity, if it happens at all anymore. Demons run across the land, and yet they are not as dangerous as the people who survive.The cities have been destroyed. Occupied now by greavers, thieves, reavers, and worse.In this world one-man trudges along. His pistols on his hip, his horse under him, and his name going before him.The Gunman!”Read this post-apocalyptic paranormal action-packed novella today!Readers of the Dark Tower will love this gritty post-apocalyptic novella!Authors Note: This is a novella, the first in a series of short novella’s I will be releasing over the next year or so all that follow the Gunman and his exploits in the wasteland of the post-apocalyptic earth. Please be on the look out for more in short order!

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Book Title: The Gunman: Wastelander

Book Author: Aaron Holloway

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