Must Love More Kilts: A Time Travel Romance: Must Love Series, Book 4

What if your husband turns out to be the man sent to kill your ancestor? A choice to make Highland Games fanatic Fiona Campbell believes her only value is her family's history, myths, and legends. So when she travels back to 1689 Scotland and discovers she's the Fiona of family legend, you'd think she'd be excited. And she is. Except that the legendary warrior she's to save her ancestor from is the hottie in a kilt she just handfasted. A heart to heal Duncan MacCowan once trusted his heart to the wrong woman, but when a strange lass drops into his life and pries opens his heart again, he impulsively handfasts her. Yet before he can finish spinning fancies of their domestic bliss, she flees on the night of their wedding, leaving him even more convinced that he can't trust his instincts where his heart is involved. A family legend that will tear them apart Fiona wants to shake her fist at fate - she finally meets the man of her dreams but can't have him because of the family legend? Not cool, fate, not cool. Duncan believes he's just terrible at picking women and destined to be alone. But as the heat of their attraction flares, how far can they tempt fate for love?

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Book Title: Must Love More Kilts: A Time Travel Romance: Must Love Series, Book 4

Book Author: Angela Quarles,Mary Jane Wells,Angela Trigg

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